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 Bohemia Trading Company is an evolution of both businesses Catch Can and Classics for Kids. Founded in 1983, Classics for Kids was a tiny mail-order venture that began in the basement of my house. In the beginning there was only one product--leather moccasins for infants. Thanks to Mothering Magazine and their generous offering for home businesses, the selection grew over the years from moccasins to wooden toys, natural fiber clothing for young children and maternity wear.  Eventually, the mail-order business outgrew the basement and a small shop opened in Kensington MD. Mail orders were filled in the backroom and the front space became a magnet for mothers who sought out natural fiber clothing and wooden toys for their children. Several years later, a new space opened for cotton and linen clothing for women, along with a selection of maternity wear. That shop was named Catch Can and its success led to the opening of a second location in Chevy Chase, WDC. 

Now in my effort to "retire," the DC area shops have closed and I'm enjoying operating a store here near my home in Chestertown, MD. Bohemia Trading Company offers many of the brands as Catch Can-- with an emphasis on comfort and quality. Now you'll find many of these items on our online store! The building was home to an early gas station built in 1918 and sits near the beautiful Chester River. Come visit if you can and treat yourself to day exploring Chestertown, a quaint village established in the early 1700's. If a visit is not an option, now you can place an order online! The business is celebrating it's 40th year thanks to your continued support!